Best 5 poker game online: It has always been one of the most played indoor games among people of all ages. Playing any poker game requires the involvement of at least 4 people. Therefore, this game enhances the bonding between groups. However, with the advancement in technology, everything is coming up online. Whether shopping, studying, or gaming, one can do everything online without visiting anyone. 

The Internet made people connect to each other via cell phones, tablets, computers or laptops. Thus, there’s a very low urge to meet or visit places. You can simply meet your friends online sitting on your favorite couch without disturbing your comfort. Poker is also not left out of this trend. Now you can even play poker games online on various sites. Keep reading to know the top 6 sites to play Best 5 poker game online.

8 best poker sites in Hong Kong

Several websites sprang up in Hong Kong with innovative poker gaming ideas. However, this article lists 6 of the best among them:


This online poker gaming site features various forms of poker played by more than 1500 players daily. Moreover, these are real money cash games where you can earn every time you win the match. Special weekly tournaments guarantee huge prize money if you win the tournament.  

Like every poker site, POKERSTARS charges some signing amount, which you can use to start playing games online. Once you win, the prize money gets collected into the gaming wallet, and after a certain amount, you can encash it by transferring it into your bank account.

TIGERGSMING.COM is one of the oldest sites for Poker game online. Playing poker on this site is not only easy but safe and secure as well. Since years they have been one of the trusted sites to earn money through playing poker. On joining this gaming site, you get a waiver code and can earn a joining bonus of up to USD 1000. 

Moreover, you can earn up to USD 15000 by playing poker cash games on this site. They offer several jackpots such as Sit’n Go’s. Several other referral programs let you earn a huge amount of money from this site. Moreover, your identity is safe with them, and they assure zero scam and full security to your money.

1XBET is a licensed pokers gaming site where you can play interesting pokers games of various types. This is one of the fastest-growing gaming sites that offers you ample opportunities to earn huge amounts of money. 1XBET is played across 134 countries in the world with a ratio of providing higher prize money to its users. 

William HILL POKER brings you a welcome bonus of up to USD 100 when you register with them. You need to deposit a signing amount of USD 10 to start playing pokers games on this site. They offer you Bonus spins and WH points on playing games on this site that must be redeemed within a certain time or expires. 

Moreover, they offer a promotional bonus for new subscribers with various attractive schemes and offers. The best thing about William HILL POKER is that you are secured from fraudulent activities when you choose them. 

888 POKERs features a user-friendly interface that guides new players on how to start playing poker online. Moreover, they do not ask for any deposit amount when you log in to their website. You can simply download the app, sign up to play and receive your bonus amount to start the game.

888 POKER focuses on customer satisfaction and an enhanced user experience. Therefore, they present a wide range of poker games at an affordable range. Moreover, they enable a one-hand multi-tabling portrait mode that allows you to play single-handed. Apart from that, they offer guaranteed prize pools and lucrative offers.

TITAN POKERs offers a joining bonus of double the sum you deposited to enter the game. Moreover, they provide several tutorial videos and instructions, and you can earn by watching the full tutorial. Besides, offer tournament programs that ensure you maximum profit on winning the tournament match.

BETONLINE is one of the best pokers game sites in Hong Kong. It is one of the oldest gaming companies; however, the online gaming site was developed in 2011. If you are a new player, joining BETONLINE lets you freerolls. Moreover, they conduct several exciting tournaments and challenges to attract their clients and keep them engaged. 

Megapari is one of the popular sites for pokers gaming online in Hong Kong. Where you can learn to play several pokers techniques and earn cash prizes on winning a match, they offer several additional markets on particular events. Therefore, opting for this gaming site can prove beneficial for its users. 


Playing online games is no longer an exceptional task; several people visit these gaming sites to play poker online. The best attraction of these gaming sites is that they offer you handsome income, apart from teaching you various forms of online poker games in Hong Kong.

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